Friday, 27 January 2012

Constellations. York College Gallery. 12th May - 7th June

The titles of these drawings refers not to ‘constellation’ in its 
celestial sense, being a group of stars that form a recognisable 
pattern, but rather a group of associated or similar people or 

This group of recent small scale  drawings are 
not the result of a narrow thematic investigation, focused on 
any one particular subject. They function instead as a visual 
stream of consciousness where connections are made between 
drawings that generate alternate readings and prompt a related 
set of images that continue the process. 

Between fifteen and twenty 13cm x 20cm drawings on found books are worked on together 

in order to maximise the potential for each image to subtly alter 
those around it, like a visual virus, resulting in images that have 
evolved substantially from their origins.

A selection of paintings from these drawings can be seen at York College gallery from May 12th to June 7th 2012.

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